Totally A Drift

Custom Wooden Signs

by Anna Roland

Photo Albums

Family Name & House Name Signs Family Name & House Name Signs Beach House sign 7 x 26 inches. Gabriola font. Hand lettered using acrylic paint. 205648903 House name sign 205104315 Family Est. sign This sign would make a great addition to a gallery wall filled with family photos. 204757858 Family Name sign I found this unique piece of driftwood along the shores of CT. I used acrylics and Annie Sloan chalk paint to hand letter this lovely, personalized sign. 200740368 Housewarming Gift 5 1/2 x 22 inches 205878632 Lake House signage 202076576 Montauk, NY sign I found this piece of driftwood on the beach while visiting family in New London, CT. It lends itself perfectly to the layout of this special sign. "Marty's Pier" is directly across the water from the house where this sign will hang. The father and son spend some QT fishing from this pier in Montauk. I used chalk paint and acrylic paint to create this masterpiece. It is all done free hand. 200741329 She - Shed sign Aqua on natural wood. 8 x 29 inches 205878628 Custom Driftwood Sign This lovely hand painted sign will be displayed at a Beach House. It is 7" x 4'. I used the font "Beach Please" from Creative Market. 206086904 House name sign 204531673 Driftwood House Name sign 4 1/2 x 18 inches. Hand painted on driftwood. 206008710 Pool Side signage A fun thank you gift for letting us use your pool this summer. All painting is done free hand with chalk paint and acrylics. 200742525 Family sign 205780514 House name sign 205104317 House name sign 205780515 Rosebrook Gardens 201632529 Custom French Wine Country Sign 205822334 Custom Driftwood Sign I love the story behind this custom hand painted sign. It is 4 x 17 inches and will hang on the door at a retirement home. A woman reached out to me about making a sign for her father who recently moved into an assisted living facility. He used to own a Beach House named Irish Isles, so this sign is to remind him of it. 206087022 Three Little Birds #driftwood #seagulls #beachhousedecor #housesign #coastaldecor 198867108 Custom Driftwood Sign 5 1/4 x 20 inches. How adorable is this House Name sign. I love the black and white milk cow. 206049382 Beach House name sign 202076575 Family Name Garden sign 203307450 Preschlack on ACK 201632527 Nantucket signs 205328998 House Name sign Whitewash w/ grey border / aqua lettering 197046308 Driftwood House sign Hand lettered using acrylic paint and treated with Annie Sloan clear wax. This unique piece of driftwood was found by a lake in Maine. 198965581 Beach House Name sign 202546071 Shore House sign 202546067 Lanai sign 204531680 Family signs 205878627 Island Paradise sign 204531674 Hydrangea blooms in an antique urn 201632528 Hand painted with acrylic paint 205104316 Closing gift sign 204925569 The Shack A well weathered piece of driftwood found by a lake in Maine.The base is Annie Sloan's pure white chalk paint and the lettering is done free hand with Annie Sloan's Napoleonic blue. I gave it a slight sanding when the paint was dry and then a coat of Annie Sloan's clear wax, which gives the sign a nice glossy sheen. 200748761 Laney's Lagoon 202076586 Poolside Signage 202076579 Laney's Lagoon 202076587 The Clubhouse This awesome sign is composed of two very charming pieces of driftwood. One is actually part of a door frame. This customer wanted a rustic, campy feel to the sign. It will hang in their family room above rustic frames displaying photos of each family member. 200740364 House Name sign 201716882 Long Beach, NY I used Annie Sloan's Paris Grey and pure white to create the background for this sign. The words are painted free hand using navy acrylic paint. Such a cute hostess gift for a beach cottage owner! 198867115 House name sign 204121159 Man cave sign 204539943 Mystic, CT sign 197025855 Galveston, TX 9 x 26 inches ~ whitewash/grey border/turquoise text 196155497 Beach Cottage sign This sign was a gift for a very nice gentleman who has supplied me with many unique pieces of driftwood. They have a stone cottage right on the beach in New London, CT. The name of the cottage is "The Brig" and they LOVE eating lobsters on the patio overlooking the sound. 197093416 Mother's Day Gift Mormor's Hus means Grandmother's House in Swedish. This special sign was for a Mormor on Mother's Day who recently moved into a small cottage next to an apple orchard. The base is painted with Annie Sloan's "Emperor's Silk" chalk paint. The wording is done free hand with pure white chalk paint. A protective coat of clear wax was added. 198456491 Beach House sign I love the play on words with this Casanova sign. The family just purchased a new house on the beach and they are big time Villanova fans. It is 8 1/2 x 29 1/2. 205682284 Naples, FL 204757861 Driftwood House sign Hand lettered using acrylic paint and treated with Annie Sloan clear wax. This unique piece of driftwood was found by a lake in Maine. 198965583 Miramar Beach, FL To create this custom, hand painted sign I used Annie Sloan chalk paint and acrylics. It is all done by free hand. There is also a protective coat of Annie Sloan clear wax. It measures 11 x 15 1/2 inches 200740214 A River Runs True It 197046772 Shed sign 206391832 Personalized town sign 206391830 Shambala by the Sea 203307443 203307445 Personalized room sign 206391831 Family Name sign 6 x 24 inches ~ whitewash/grey border/forest green text 196155489 House Name sign 203307640 House Name Sign 201640967 Address Sign 204493063